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We are able to accommodate the wide ranging needs of your wedding, by offering the very best in planning design and event management needs to full wedding planning. Whether you need assistance to plan parts of your wedding or to guide you through the entire wedding planning process let us help you manage everything from your biggest tasks down to the smallest details to ensure that your wedding day would be as amazing as you 've always dreamed it to be !

partial planning

Full wedding planning & design

You have your vision and you may even have your venue and some vendors! You are on your way to planning your perfect day but there are still a lot of details to organize and vendors to confirm. This collection was designed for the couple who need assistance adding the little details and putting the finishing touches that make the wedding their own.

This service is a unique offering for couples who have booked the venue and few of their vendors, but would like a planner and a designer to take over and bring their wedding vision to life. We assist you with design and decor, offer some vendor referrals and we provide unlimited professional advice and manage the details of your wedding day.

Taking the vision of the couple, we will help to coordinate your big day from start to finish. We will make the planning process a truly enjoyable and memorable experience, all while ensuring each detail is finalized and personalized. This collection is perfect for those who want to allow the professionals to take over and execute a flawless Dream Day!

Through our full planning service we guide you for every major decision and minor detail, so that on the day of your wedding you will just enjoy every moment without the stresses of wedding planning. From venue, vendor recommendations, comprehensive design and managing your budget we take care of everything. Being onsite from set up to breakdown on the day we ensure a beautifully executed celebration!



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The result was unique, unrepeatable and brilliant. More than we had dreamesd of. Thank you very much for everything, you are unique in what you do.

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Susan & Joe


San Francisco

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Kristel & Anna


New York

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